My Quilts

Most of the quilts I've ever sewn! Some of them are available for sale. In case you are interested, just drop me an email at quilthexle(at) Although if you would like to commission a quilt, I'll be happy to work on fulfilling your wish for your dream quilt with you!
Hier zeige ich fast alle Quilts, die ich je genäht habe! Einige davon sind sind käuflich zu erwerben. Bei Interesse bitte ich um eine kurze email an quilthexle(at) Oder wenn Sie einen Quilt in Auftrag geben möchten - würde ich mich rasend freuen, Ihren Wunsch nach Ihrem Traum-Quilt zu erfüllen!
 "Serendipity" - a challenge quilt for "Art 1016" Apr. 2012
 "Time" - a challenge quilt, International Quilt Challenge. Apr. 2012
"Connection", a challenge quilt for "Art 1016" March 2012
 "Flowery Nine Patch" shows my secret passion for flowers - and floral fabrics ;-)) Done as a exchange project with friends from a small local quilting friends group. Feb. 2012.
 "A strange game" - designed for the challenge "Patchwork and Embroidery" at the MainQuiltFestival, Aschaffenburg, Germany. The sentence "A strange game - the only winning move is not to play" origins from the movie "Wargames". Jan. 2012
 Embroidered Art Quilt, mounted to painted canvas

Mounted Art Quilt, mounted to painted canvas

Disappearing Nine-Patch quilt, 2011
 "And the occasional glimpse of hot pink", 2011. The second in a series ...
 Maritime Quilt for Jens, 2011 - this quilt is HUGE, and DH loves it!
 "Golden Print Quilt", 2011. Mounted on black-painted canvas.
 "Architextur", 2011. Fabrics are hand-dyed, next step was "rubbing" textures from our local train station.
 "And the occasional glimpse of orange", 2010. Became the first in a series.

Challenge-Quilt for the Engel-Bee-emailing list. Everyone got a chinese proverb and had to make a page-sized quilt out of it. My proverb reads: "Climb mountains to see lowlands" 2010
 Quilt for Paul, Jens' second godchild, 2010

Small Flower Quilt, Result of a class with Elsbeth Nusser-Lampe, 2010
"My draft of space or: dreaming of the Final Frontier" 2010

 "Winter Puzzle" two-sided piece 2010

"May the rhythm of your life be a happy one!" 2010

Quilt for Klara, Jens' first godchild, 2009

"1-2-3", 2010. Fabric painted by Jens.

"Don't you love a good mystery, too?" 2009
"Still I can see traces of your life", 2009. A memory quilt, sewn from clothing of my beloved mother and my hand-dyed fabrics.

"Gartenzaun" was the result of a challenge of the Black Forest Quilt Guild. Everyone got a picture and had to make a quilt out of it - it did not matter what you used of the picture for inspiration. This one even got an offer - but at that time, I could not part with this quilt ... 2009
 "Darned Quilt for Walter", 2008. Co-op with Jens (he did the painting of he canvas). Quilt resulted from a wonderful Quilt-University class with Dena Crain.
"Dragonflight" 2008

"Seven Sisters", resulted from a class with Gloria Loughman, 2007
 "Herberts Quilt", 2006
 "On the road", 2002-2006. Handsewn, hand-quilted.
"Dugs in the Autumn Forest", 2004

"Stars", ca. 2003. Blocks are handsewn, handquilted.
"Lonestar", one of my first quilts, dated before 2000