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Quilthexle's World is the quilting blog of Frauke Schramm where I share almost daily the process of creating my artwork. Thrown in are the occasional glimpses of my everyday life. Sometimes I'll add something that just caught my attention or that inspires me. I work very hard on keeping my little corner of blogland a happy and friendly place - and would love nothing more than putting a smile on the lips of my readers !

Über diesen Blog
Quilthexle's World ist der Quilt-Blog von Frauke Schramm. Hier zeige ich fast tägliche Einblicke in meinen kreativen Prozeß. Dazu gibt's gelegentliche Einblicke in meinen sonstigen Alltag. Hin und wieder zeige ich was, das mir ins Auge stach - oder das mich inspiriert. Mir ist wichtig, daß meine kleine Ecke von Blogland ein freundlicher Ort ist - und es freut mich sehr, wenn ich ein Lächeln auf die Lippen meiner Leser zaubern kann!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Frauke, I've enjoyed reading through your blog and looking at your photos - love the way you've captured some interesting textures and perspectives - and I particularly like that you're writing in both English and Deutsch. As a learner of German it's useful to me, especially since you're writing about textiles and processes which interest me. That activity before free machine embroidery - drawing with your pencil held in your fist - is interesting, must try it. Tahnks for a fun and attractive blog, cheers, kat.